News Update

KBF continues to have worship service from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

Rest assured that the windows are open for ventilation during the service.

The audio and video messages will be uploaded as usual.


The school building of the former Jin-Ai Kindergarten, start to be demolished. The kindergarten ground that has been used as a parking lot during worship services will not be available during that time. During the demolition time, please use public transportation whenever possible. The option of pay parking in the neighborhood is challenging as fewer spaces available on Sunday afternoons. Therefore, if you do come by car we recommend that you make a reservation through the akippa phone app.
(Shinsenkaku Parking: max. fee 1,300 yen, PCLUB Nakayamate-dori: max. fee 1,000 yen, cars with tall roofs are allowed), etc.

We will have further announcements before July about parking again.


KBF has new LINE account for 2021. If you use the LINE app, please scan the QR code you can be registered to get updates.